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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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10AM Sittercise,Jokes & Juice; 2PM Bingo/snacks Room Visits/Mail

9:30 Pretty Nails;Music on CD; 2PM Bowling/refreshments

10:30 Church-Randy Ray; 2PM Pokeno/Snacks, Room Visits/Mail

10AM Sittercise,Sip & Chat; 2PM Birthday Party w/ELARA hospice & Ted Telano

10AM Sittercise ,Sip & Chat; 2PM Bingo, Snacks, Room Visits, Mail

Sroll & Roll; 2PM Mexican Train, Dominoes, Individual Activities

9:30 Church-Todd & Donna Gregory; 3:00 Cypress St Church of God

Labor Day! 10AM Sittercise, sip & Chat; 2PM Rootbeer floats, Bingo! Room Visits

9:30 Pretty Nails, music on CD:2PM Movie ,Popcorn “Matilda”

Nat’l Coffee Ice cream Day,10:30 Church, 2Pm Bingo/Ice cream, Room Visits

10AM Mature Melody Makers, 2PM Resident Council, refreshments, Room visits

10AM Sittercise. Sip & Chat; 2PM Bingo, Snacks, Room Visits Mail

Stroll & Roll, 2PM Mexican train Dominoes

9:30 Pastors Todd & Donna Gregory, 3PM Cypress St. Church of God

10AM Sittercise, Mind Games; 2PM Bingo, Mail, 6PM Billy Camp Band

9:30 Pretty Nails, Music-CD, 2PM Movie/popcorn “Big Fish” Mail Delivery

Nat’l Peanut Day, 10:30 Church-R Ray; 2PM Pokeno/Peanuts; Room Visits

10AM Sittercise, News/Views, 2PM Butterbean Auction!!, Room Visits

10AM Sittercise, Cinnamon Rolls/coffee; 2PM Bingo,Snacks, Room Visits,Mail

Stroll & Roll. 2PM Mexican Train Dominoes

9:30 Pastors Todd & Donna Gregory; Individual Activities

10AM Sittercise, Brain teasers; 2PM Bingo/Snacks, Room Visits/Mail

9:30 Pretty Nails, Music-CD; 2PM Movie/popcorn “DOG” Mail Delivery

Nat’l Punch Day! 10AM Church-Randy Ray, 2PM Pokeno & Punch, Room Visits

10AM Sittercise,Sip & Chat; 2PM Creative Critters Club, 3:30 Room Visits/Mail

Nat’l White Chocolate Day!! 10AM Sittercise, 2PM Bingo & White Chocolate, Room Visits

Stroll & Roll, 2PM Mexican Train, HAPPY FALL DAY!

9:30 Pastors Todd & Donna Gregory, 2PM Liberty Baptist

10AM Sittercise, Mind Games; 2PM Bingo/Snack 6PM Billy Camp Band

9:30 Pretty Nails Music-CD; 2PM Movie, popcorn “Apple Dumpling Gang”

10AM Church-Randy Ray, 2PM Cornhole (outdoors) Room Visits/Mail

10AM Sittercise, News & Views; 2PM Birthday Party/Elara Hospice/Ted Telano

Nat’l Coffee Day!! 10AM Sittercise, Coffee Chat Club; 2PM Pokeno$$/Snacks

Stroll & Roll, 2PM Mexican Train Dominoes Club

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